Hi, I'm Talesha!

I’m here to guide you through hard times in relationships, death & diagnosis to grow closer to God and know who you really are.

I am passionate about helping you move through emotional turmoil in your life.
And I know that the more you try to go at it alone the more lost you feel.

Grief is part of the human experience. Yet as a society we leave no room for grief and mourning. We are uncomfortable with sorrow, pain, anger and fear. Rushing ourselves and others to look for the silver lining or being told to trust that it was God’s timing. Yet when you experience loss of any kind your world stops. Leaving you to feel alone, anxious, confused and lost.

Your grief is a private experience. One where God is the only one who truly understands your pain. The pieces that seem broken with you feel damaged beyond repair.

  • Do you feel like no one understands what you’re going through?
  • Do you feel like God has left you alone to navigate your pain?
  • Are you experiencing survivor’s guilt?
  • Are you afraid to ask for help?
  • Do you struggle to verbalize how you’re feeling?
  • Are you easily triggered by memories or experiences?

Whether your loss happened yesterday or 50 years ago, it affects your mind, body and spirit. It can create lifelong struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma cycles and even addiction. These challenges can impact your parenting, profession, relationships, marriage and your identity.

“You didn’t choose to experience the pain you’re going through, healing is about choosing to not let the pain take over and control all areas of your life.”
~ Talesha Kim ~

Grief & Loss Coach | Healing Circle Guide | Speaker

I am the founder and creator of the C.L.E.A.R Healing Method where I help you to turn your grief and pain into peace, fulfillment, confidence and joy.
Through growth mindset, emotional healing, and life design tools.
Helping you to take your life back, have radical joy and the freedom to be whoever you want to become!